Hima Nursery was established about ten years ago to fulfill the increasing demand for Pacific Northwest native plants. We grow a range of species in sizes ranging from plugs to seven gallon containers. Offering a large assortment of quality material, native shrubs and grasses, as well as a small array of ornamental shrubs. Hima Nursery continues to supply high quality products to landscape trades, public municipalities, wholesale and retail nurseries. Recently, with the purchase of a large, 80 acre tree farm on the outskirts of Everett, Washington, the range of material being supplied by Hima Nursery has increased to include a vast selection of large trees, from 2” to over 7” caliper. The nursery continues to grow (literally) and with that growth, it continues to be on the cutting edge of  quality, availability, and supply.


Our nursery name originates from ancient history where it is used to describe a reserved pasture where trees or grazing are protected (either on a temporary or permanent basis) from indiscriminate harvest. “Hima” is derived from the concept of renewable and genuine desire to conserve. It is an Arabic word meaning “protected land”. The concept of “Hima” is a place that must realize the greater actual benefit to society than detriments and aim to provide greater environmental and economic benefits to citizens. We want to implement this in our unique setting.


Combining this description with our focus on native plant material, our emphasis on protecting the environment and the attitude as stalwarts of our surroundings, the name lends itself well with the cultural heritage of the owners and also the vision of the nursery and its employees.




Deciduous Trees

Japanese Maples

Evergreen Trees



Ground Cover

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